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Time for a Transformation in HR…

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How HR can be a leader through times of change,
develop leaders and prepare your company for the future

– How HR processes are being re-thought, and
organisational designs are being re-drawn

– What new technology, tools and analytics can be used,
to drive efficiency, engagement and insight

Final panel debate: What’s Next for HR? Key trends and challenges to prepare for in 2015
Bernard Marr, Linda Holbeche, Sharlyn Lauby (HR Bartender), Stacia Garr (Bersin) and Gary Kildare (CHRO IBM)

– Practical, interactive and unbiased –

3 parallel streams of practitioner’s case studies, peer-to-peer round-table discussions and panel debates

Who should attend:HR Directors and Vice-Presidents
Senior and Strategic Managers
Business Partners
Business Transformation executives
Organisational Change professionals
HRIT professionals
HR Transformation professionals

Working in these areas:Strategic HR
HR Development, People Development
Organisational Design and Development
Employee Engagement
Culture and Leadership Development
Talent Management, Succession Planning
Performance Management, Capability Development
HR Technology, HRIS, HRIT
HR Metrics, Reporting, Analytics & Insight

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