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Fókuszban az emberi erőforrás

PwC Hungary kindly invites you to our upcoming business breakfast on „HR effectiveness – facing new challenges

Conference room
of PwC Budapest
(VII. Budapest, Wesselényi u. 16.) DATE:  22 May 2013, TIME: 09:00–11:00,  LANGUAGE: English, FEE: Participation is complimentary
FURTHER INFORMATION: Agi Fuleky +36 1 461 9309, agi.fuleky@hu.pwc

The PwC team can help deliver new innovative solutions. You can benefit from our global best practices that allows knowledge and information to be shared around the world. Our guest speaker, Libor Stodola (senior manager of  PwC Czech Republic) will present the ways that we can help and cooperate with you:

Providing quick and cost-effective
assessments of HR operations
to reveal discrepancies and
»» Measuring the speed with which
HR services are delivered, the
quality of HR work and the
Business acumen of HR business
partners by listening to internal
»» Providing volume and cost
assessments of current e-HR
solutions and the utilisation of
self-service platforms, including
a forecast of the volume of
transactions managed electronically
»» Measuring costs per HR transaction
»» Preparing scenarios demonstrating
the impact of cost savings and
quality and the speed with
which HR transactions would be
delivered via alternative channels
if economies of scale are applied in
the future
»» Creating HR analytical functions
that should help link the HR and
business targets and allow scenario
planning for workforce & cost
management based on the business

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