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Jobboard Finder reveals home page redesign

Jobboard Finder, the world’s largest job board encyclopedia, will reveal a brand new home page on September 16, 2015. Over a year after the website launch, the new home page will include an enhanced version of the search engine. Users will now be able to search job sites directly from the home page.
Jobboard Finder, which gathers 874 job sites in 163 countries, will reveal a brand new new home page on September 16, 2015. Originally developed for recruiters, the website is now free of charge and available to everyone since March 2015. Today Jobboard Finder is widely used by companies, job seekers and recruitment professionals.
The major development of this new version is a direct access to the search engine from the home page. Users will now be able to launch a simple or advanced search without being redirected to an internal web page like it used to be.
“Inspired by job sites or, more generally, websites including search engines, we have completely redesigned our home page. From now on, our search engine will be available directly from our home page which makes our user experience better. Our tools remain the same but we have reorganized our contents so that users get a better overview of our services and an easier access to our information and data”, explains Kelly Desormes, Project Manager at Jobboard Finder.
A new layout is now available while the comparison tool and reviews section are highlighted. Internal web pages have been edited and the blog, newsletter and social media are showcased.
Since the beginning of summer, the Jobboard Finder team has been working on developing the website and optimizing the search engine. New developments are yet to be released in the coming months.
About Jobboard Finder
Created in 2013 by François de Boutray, CEO at agency Aktor Interactive, Jobboard Finder is an online encyclopedia that allows recruiters to compare job sites from all over the world. Officially launched in 2014, the website first covered the EMEA zone before expanding to America and Pacific Asia. Since 2015, the service is completely free of charge and available to everyone.