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HRcoreLAB³ Forum

Thanks to our collaboration with OHE we would like to invite you to the HRcoreLAB³ Forum that will take place in Barcelona next March 2015.
As a special deal for OHE members we are proud to offer an extra 5% when using the code: Code available: office@ohe.hu, 06-30/979-9036
We are bringing you a fantastic two day event offering you the opportunity to Learn, Network & Benchmark with access to a wide range of topics, speakers and delegates. The cross-topic format enables participants to move freely between each stream, allowing for a diverse and interesting perspective on different practices within HR.
The HRcoreLAB³ will consist on 3 Seminars: 5th Future of Recruitment, 3rd Leading with Talent, Do we need HR?
You are able to move freely between all three streams and choose which presentations are of most value to you. You will be able to discuss with out 47 speakers, 250 delegates, enjoy the cocktail party or interact during the workshops and round-table sessions.
Join us in Barcelona to keep up to date with the Future of HR!