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Global HR Trend Summit

Dear HR Professionals,

It is with great pleasure that we can announce our Global HR Event the Global HR Trends Summit that will take place in Istanbul, Turkey on the 29-30 of September 2014.

The even will take place at the lovely Pera Palace Jumeirah Hotel, in Istanbul, where for two days HR Professionals from Google, Sanofi-Aventis, Eurovision, Linkedin, Dell, AIB, Beirsdorf Holding, Statoil, Gazprom, BAE Systems, British Telecom and many more will share their experience and achievements regarding the current trends and hot topic in the HR industry.

In the past 4 years, more then 2000 delegates from 40 countries have visited The Global HR Trends Summit in Baku, Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia and Tbilisi. Istanbul is our next destination and we expect it to be one of our most successful HR Experiences so far.

The event features interactive presentations and workshops from our panel of worldwide experts that will allow you and your HR colleagues to learn all about the new trends in the industry and how to solve common issues from your day-to-day job:

  1. Workplace Flexible Solutions, Find What Would Work Best For Your
  2. The Power Of Performance Management And Engagement
  3. Dealing With Under-Performance Through The Implementation Of A Successful Company Culture
  4. Creating The Perfect Talent Development Programme For Your
  5. Aligning Culture, Values & Strategy
  6. The Importance Of The Talent Pipeline
  7. Management 2.0: What Are The New Rules Of Engagement When Authority Is Distributed? –

We are delighted to have the support from OHE and it is our absolute pleasure to award all its members an exclusive 10 percent discount to all its members.

For more information for the event please feel free to visit our web-page www.thepworld.com , email us on info@thepworld.com or call us +389 (0)2 5111 350 .