2020. 4. 4, szombat, Izidor napja van.

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Employee Engagement Excellence Forum

There is a general argument among people professionals that the ability of an organization to engage its employees in meaningful, productive work can be the difference between success and failure. In today’s incredibly competitive environment therefore, a focus on employee engagement is more than desirable. It is essential.

There are strong business reasons for achieving excellence in employee engagement including higher levels of customer satisfaction and improved financial performance. And engaged employees are more likely to stay to make a maximum contribution. Finally, those companies that have a reputation for providing a fulfilling working environment are more likely to attract the most talented people.

And yet, employee engagement continues to be one of the most challenging aspects of the work of general managers and people professionals. How can an organization ensure that its employees’ objectives are aligned to the overall company objectives; how can an organization provide an environment in which employees have the will and the tools to go that extra mile; and how can both organizations and employees achieve all this whilst working in an unpredictable, constantly changing environment.

While there have been several attempts to measure and connect engagement of employees to business performance and work out actionable engagement practices, there is still a lot of work to do in order to truly engage the heart and the mind of employees.

Stamford Global’s inaugural Employee Engagement European Forum will find out the answers and deliver the right engagement practice to achieve tangible, business results.

The learning tracks of the summit will explore the drivers of engagement and how to increase and sustain it at your organization. We will draw on our Pan European Employee Engagement research, as well as the experiences of leading companies that are committed to “closing the engagement gap” and the ways they have made engaging behaviors a core part of their culture. We shall discuss management behaviors, organizational processes and systems necessary to tap potential and sustained engagement. And we’ll explore the quantifiable links between engagement, employee behaviors, including performance and retention.

Join this high level, two-day business forum gain strategic insight on the vital issues

  • Understand what employee engagement really means
  • Develop a compelling employee engagement strategy
  • Drive engagement from the core corporate culture
  • Engage your board and leadership team in engagement implementation
  • Working labs: work with your peers to formulate actionable strategies
  • 2 action packed days featuring an elite panel of corporate speakers from Europe

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