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21st Century CEO – Driving HR Function in Times of Change (13-14. November 2014, Vienna)

21st Century CEO – Driving HR Function in Times of Change“ is a networking  event for HR&Business professionals held this November in Vienna.

We will be covering topics as multigenerational workforce, social media in HR, executive decision making via rules of poker and many more.

The event is held in a completely new format which is a mix of a workshop and personal training at the same time. Feel free to visit Knowledge Central website to learn more.

The event is only for 50 people including speakers as we want to ensure the high quality and interactivity of the event.


Contact information:

Roberta Kaclikova

Delegate Acquisition


phone:  + 421 948 900 610

email: roberta@knowledge-central.com

website: www.knowledge-central.com