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Discovery HR Meeting – Bridging the Gap Between Generations

We are proud to announce an exclusive HR networking event organized by Knowledge Central in Austria Trend Hotel Park Royal Palace, Vienna on 12th-13th of March 2015. Tailor made for a handful of HR professionals (maximum of 50), Discovery HR Meeting is a gathering of likeminded HR practitioners, whatever the industry or seniority level prepared to broaden their horizons and think out of the box. During these two days we will be discussing the challenges associated with managing, developing and leading a multi-generational workforce.


Do not miss your chance to network across the borders with your fellow HR leaders and get engaged in live discussion determining critical factors of organizational success.

For further assistance, please contact Mr. Richard Taylor on +421 948 900 610 or via email: richard@knowledge-central.com
Download the brochure: http://www.knowledge-central.com/upload/events/00016_1423515819_583.pdf
Register here: http://www.knowledge-central.com/discovery-hr-meeting-2015/register/