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CIPD Certificate in HR Management

This qualification aims to develop entrepreneurial approach in HR people, shifting them from HR practitioners into Business people in HR.
CHRM is suitable for you if you’re currently working in the field of HR management in a leading role (leading people or projects) and wish to extend your knowledge and skills in order to develop your career and gain credibility and international recognition. The ideal candidate will have responsibility for implementing HR policies and strategies and have a need to understand the role of HR in the wider organisational and environmental context and is willing to read, study, discuss, share and develop further.


I.   (2 days)  Introduction and Developing Professional Practice

II.  (2 days)  Business issues and the Context of Human Resources

III. (1 day)    Using Information in Human Resources

IV. (3 days)  Resourcing and Talent Planning + Learner Study Day

V.   (2 days)  Reward Management

VI. (3 days)  Managing and Coordinating the Human Resources Function
1. An internationally recognised HR qualification from a world’s      leading HR professional body
2. Associate membership CIPD – a Global Professional Institute in     Personnel and Development; membership includes exclusive access to     professional resources and tools, online learning journals and monthly     magazines, extensive library of HC professional resources and CPD tools;     membership of special interest forums and annual conferences and     seminars
3. Membership of a learning community of key HC leaders from     leading organizations in this region – an excellent net​working and     benchmarking opportunity
TUTORS: Viktória Rónay, CIPD Tutor, PwC HR Manager Andrea Szilágyi, CIPD Tutor, PwC HR Consulting Senior Manager
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I.     20 – 21 March

II.    24 – 25  April

III.  30 May

IV.   26 – 27, 30, June

V.     4 – 5 September

VI.   6 – 7  November
Every day: 9 a.m.-4.30 p.m.
VENUE: PwC’s Academy Center’s Room
1055 Budapest, Bajcsy- Zsilinszky street 78.  SPECIAL PRICE:
EUR 3 000 + VAT *
* if you indicate the ‘OHE’ promotion code on the registration form’s comment session.
»We give a discount of 15% if more than three participants   from the  same company register for  a program.
»We grant a 10% discount to PwC  Alumni.
»The early bird registration discount cannot be    combined with other discounts.
MORE INFORMATION: Szilágyi Katalin Senior Manager PwC’s Academy leader +36 1 461 9342 katalin.szilagyi@hu.pwc.com